As an ethically driven organization, we take cognizance of our responsibilities towards the larger world. With this in mind, we have engaged in a number of social projects to promote woman empowerment, quality education and productive employment.

Kreate Empowerment and Welfare Foundation is an ISO certified Organization that began its journey on 26th April, 2016. We are registered with MSME, Niti Aayog and have been implementing skill development projects in the villages of rural Haryana.

The Foundation has helped over about 500 aspiring women by establishing vocational and computer training centers and providing quality infrastructure across government schools.

In order to encourage active participation across these initiatives, we regularly collaborate and communicate with all our stakeholders.

Our objectives are also aligned with four of the major Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs sanctioned by the United Nations. We have been implementing actionable measures to alleviate hunger, promote gender equality, impart quality education, and enable decent work and economic growth.


Equal Access to Vocational Skills

Women's empowerment is a process of self-actualization in which women have the liberty to envision what they can accomplish and who they can become.
We believe that that one of the most important steps towards this self-actualization is equal access to education and vocational skills. Equipping women and enabling them to make life-determining decisions are the key components of women empowerment.
Our goal is to achieve full and productive employment and decent work, for all women and men by 2030.

Trainings and Workshops Conducted by Professionals

Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment

Personality Development and Grooming Sessions

Vocational Skills

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Giving a platform to pioneers of tomorrow

We believe preparing children for the future requires holistic thinking.
To ensure that students don't suffer due to lack of facilities, we took an initiative through Kreate Foundation for providing basic amenities in the government schools of Urlana village in Haryana. With the right environment, we believe students can focus better on their performance.

Government schools identified for offering support

Regular internet services provided

Fans donated and power backup facilities set up


Opening minds to technology

By setting up computer training centers in Urlana village of Haryana through Kreate Foundation, we are helping girls enhance their skills, increase their employability and open new pathways to success.

Free one-year course covering introduction to computers and software

Potential beneficiaries identified for the course

Conducted by professional trainers