Kreate Empowerment and Welfare Foundation
Kulbhushan Mittal
Managing Director
.Kreate Energy
He plays a crucial role in the working of the foundation. He is the one with the vision and the right intention.
He aims at contributing immensely towards the welfare of the society and turn it into a progressive one.
Arti Mittal
.Kreate Lights
Ms. Arti Mittal is largely responsible for the smooth day-to-day functioning of the NGO.
She believes that her alliance with the foundation has added substantial value to her as an individual and provided her with bigger goals in life, other than just career aspirations.
Mr. Inderjit Verma
Kreate Empowerment and Welfare foundation
Mr. Inderjit Verma, served the Indian Government as an I.A.S for several years and retired in 2002.
He has been associated with the foundation for the last two years and is accredited as the key person for steering all the initiatives taken by the NGO till date.
Prerna Gupta
Additional Director
Kreate Empowerment and Welfare foundation
Ms. Prerna Gupta serves as a Director at Adonis International Limited, a Business Service Provider incorporated in 1995. Her association with Kreate Welfare and Empowerment Foundation has been a profound learning experience in terms of understanding the social constraints that limit women. She is deeply humbled and grateful for the opportunity that has helped her evolve as a person.
Neera Gupta
Additional Director
Kreate Empowerment and Welfare foundation
Ms. Neera Gupta is a Sonologist who has been practicing in Panipat since 1990. Having served in Iran for four years, she was previously the President of the Women's Wing at Indian Medical Association (IMA). Ms. Gupta has also volunteered at Chetna School in Panipat. She completed her MBBS in 1983 and teaches Crafts and Painting.