Demystifying GST: One-day training session in Naultha

The benefits of a GST certification are enormous. Anybody who is financial or a taxation professional, student, chartered accountant or a graduate, can avail the following:

  •          1. Increase in salary by 15% to 25% on average.
  •          2. Increase in the number of job opportunities.
  •          3. The opportunity to start one’s own consultancy.
  •          4. Further one’s skill with regard to finance, taxation and accounting.
  •          5. A classroom-environment for better learning along with structured course content.

Taking these benefits into account, we had organized a GST training session on August 31st 2019 for our students at the Kreate Welfare and Empowerment Foundation Centre in Naultha, Haryana. The training was conducted by Mr. Yogesh Kansal who has been a part of our Finance and Accounts department since 2010.

The session was particularly arranged for the girls who attend our Computer Applications course. Most of them are undergraduates and are pursuing a degree in commerce from their respective colleges or institutions. However, when Mr. Kansal conducted a pre-training assessment, none of them could answer any questions related to the topic. This reflected the lack of basic knowledge with regard to GST, despite having a course on the subject as part of their curriculum.

Thus, Mr. Kansal began with an elaborate introduction to the subject matter of GST explaining its features, purpose and policy in India. There was much emphasis on the concept of supply and the girls were made to understand how its components and processes are defined within GST.

As the training progressed, they were introduced to the laws that govern its implementation, the registration procedure, taxation, liabilities, so on and so forth. Towards the end, a question-answer round followed which stirred quite a discussion. The post-training assessment fared improved results and the girls were much more confident while raising their questions.


While courses on GST are being offered across several colleges, the session revealed that its relevance needs to be explained in the context of existing circumstances. We hope that the effort will yield positive growth and our students will avail this opportunity to further their skills and explore various employment options.