Gender Equality and Empowerment
Issue observed:

Several teenage girls drop out of high schools due to financial constraints and end up working as temporary farm labors, sweepers, and manual scavengers. Lack of vocational skills and prior experience further leads to economic marginalization.

Solution: Tailoring/Sewing Centre:

Kreate Welfare and Empowerment Foundation offers free tailoring and stitching courses across various locations for women. In the training centers, students are trained by a qualified tailoring professional.

Objective Behind the Initiative:

The main objective of this initiative is to enhance the quality of life for these women by enhancing their skills and knowledge. The larger goal is to help them become economically self-sufficient and independent.

This will also alleviate poverty and help them support their families.

Due to the lack of financial independence and professional skills, most women have had limited decision-making power. The larger vision is to achieve full and productive employment including decent work for all individuals as per the mandate laid down by the United Nations within its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How It Works:

Beneficiaries are selected via methods such as identification of the target families during field visits, recommendation of the Gram Panchayat, enquiry with the local community and direct requests from potential beneficiaries. Our beeneficiaries are then shortlisted based on their attitude and approach, level of education, learning capabilities, personal verification, and through data relating to their socio-economic conditions.

Under this program, skill training sessions are conducted for the beneficiaries for one year.